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Gems With Taste

Many truly gorgeous gems are available for just a tiny investment.

Some gems aren't rare and expensive, they're just pretty.

Some gems are rare and expensive, but... there are ways to keep the cost down on these gems as well.

  • Buy a smaller gem
  • Buy a different quality grade
  • And my favorite... Buy your gem wholesale

Putting these little secrets to work allows those of us in the know to build a beautiful, enviable jewelry collection at affordable prices.

The secret isn't the amount spent, the secret is having your own personal style.

Yes! A Real Gem

To me, the phrase "a real gem" has more than one meaning.

We don't sell artificial stones. No plastic, no glass, We sell real gem stones.

We don't sell synthetic stones. Ours aren't cooked up in a laboratory somewhere. Our gems are produced by Mother Nature.

We sell real gems

Our gemstones are sold for the purpose of decoration. We avoid selling cheap, unattractive, low quality stones. In that sense also, we sell real gems.

Successful Selling On The 'Net

To buy at super low prices, I must buy many gems at a time. That can mean more than 1000 gems in a single buy.

To quickly sell what I've bought, I must sell for less. The internet is the new way to "get it done."

To sell successfully on the 'net, my internet marketing guru insists that I do these things well…

  • Treat you fairly and ethically

  • Deliver more than I promise

  • Sell for less

  • Guarantee it all

We have a strong and straight-forward guarantee. Click here to see our guarantee page.

Just take a peek at the gems listed here. A all wholesale to you at less than $100.

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Chartreuse Quartz
A very gemmy "art cut" cushion shaped stone. Brilliant, crisp color. 16 x 12 mm, 9.95 cts. It will make a stunning ring.
Item QZ125     $38

Rhodolite Garnet
A deep burgundy-red color. This 11 x 9 mm oval shape stone weighs 3+ cts. The stone looks good. It has some inclusions, so it is very affordable.
Item GR602     $27

These gems are also known as Water Sapphires because of their color. Bright blue-violet gems in 4 mm round brilliant cut. Will make beautiful earrings.
Item IO145     $27/matched pair

Swiss Blue Topaz
Strong, clean color. 16 x 12 mm emerald cut. A bright stone that draws the eye. Great pendant stone. 15.54 cts.
Item TZ127     $75

A matched pair of 6 x 4 mm oval shape, soft blue aqua's with nice color. Perfect for earrings.
Item AQ505     $45/matched pair

Diva Green Topaz

This lustrous topaz is diffusion enhanced to a mint candy color. This beautiful stone weighs 1.41 cts and measures 8 x 6 mm, in a nice oval shape.
Item TZ197     $12

Rutilated Quartz
This is a large, clear quartz cab, with golden strands of rutile crystal suspended within. 24+ cts, measuring 24 x 18 mm.

I have a rutilated quartz in my jewelry drawer. It is mounted in a gold abstract pendant setting. Here is a picture of mine.

With your sense of style, imagine what you could do with this gem.
Item QZ503     $38

Swiss Blue Topaz
Electric blue, 10 x 8 mm emerald cut. A pleasing, bright stone. 4+ cts.
Item TZ97     $24

Bright golden apple juice color. The vital statistics are 1.7 cts, 8 mm, and round brilliant cut. A classic brilliant citrine.
Item CT518     $27

Golden Beryl

A lively stone with a bright gold color. Vitals statistics on this stone are; 2.62 cts, 10.1 x 7.9 mm, oval shape. Golden beryl is in the same family as emerald, morganite, and aqua.
Item BL507     $42

Carolyn Doyle

Enter Quantity Description Shape Price Each (US$) Price
Chartreuse Quartz, 16 x 12.3 mm, 9.95 ctsCushion $38
Rhodolite Garnet, 11 x 9 mm,  3.71 ctsOval $27
Iolite, 4 mm, matched pairRound $27
Swiss Blue Topaz, 16 x 12 mm, 15.54 ctsEmerald $75
Aqua's, 6 x 4 mm, matched pairOval $45
Diva Green Topaz, 8 x 6 mm, 1.41 ctsOval $12
Rutilated Quartz, 24 x 18 mmOval $38
Swiss Blue Topaz, 10 x 8 mm, 4+ ctsEmerald $24
Citrine, 8 mm, 3+ ctsRound $27
Golden Beryl, 10.1 x 7.9 mm, 2.62 ctsOval $42

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