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Ruby - Item # RU174

A nice 6 x 4 mm pear shaped  ruby. One of the exciting new gems from Madagascar. Just under .5 ct.   $10


Sapphire - Item # SA121

Large ebony sapphire oval, with unique  checkerboard top. Better than black onyx. 14 x 10 mm, 5.78 cts. $12


Tanzanite - Item # TN165

A nice, lively commercial grade  tanzanite. 4.75 x 4.73 mm trillion.   $17


Blue Sapphire - Item # SA502

Teal blue marquise shaped sapphire. 6 x 3 mm and approximately .28 ct. $20


Blue Topaz - Item # TZ242

Dark aqua blue diffusion enhanced topaz in a brilliant round shape. 6 mm and 1.00 ct. Makes a gorgeous ring.   $10


Carolyn Doyle


Enter Quantity Description Price Each(US$) Price
  Ruby - Item # RU174 $10
  Ebony Sapphire - ItemSA121 $12
  Tanzanite - Item # TN165 $17
  Blue Sapphire - Item # SA502 $20
  Blue Topaz - Item # TZ242 $10

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